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If You Had Been There
The sun had set in the skies of Zootopia as a nine year old fox ran excitedly to his destination. Tonight, his hopes and dreams were finally coming true. Tonight, he would set a name for foxes everywhere.
For so long, Nick Wilde had wanted to be a part of something, some sort of pack, but for just as long, he had been ridiculed just because he was a fox. Almost everywhere he went, mammals looked at him as if he was about to steal something from them. No one at school ever wanted to play with him and whenever he tried to join in on other kids’ fun, they either told him to leave them alone, or they left themselves. There was hardly a day that went by where the young kit didn’t come home crying.
His mother was honestly his only friend. She would listen to his problems, hugging him with every tear he cried. She would always reassure him that, someday, things would change for him. She had no doubt her son would change the way the world viewed foxes and would make her the prou
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Why Can't You Use Phones on Planes?
Dipper and Mabel buckled their airplane seatbelts. They were going with their Grunkle Stan to a fishermen's convention in Wyoming. The twins weren't exactly looking forward to it, but Stan had talked them into it (and by talking them into it, I mean that he didn't give them a choice.)
A flight attendant with a nametag reading 'Josie' was going over the rules on a speaker. The plane was about to take off so she said:
"Ladies and gentlemen, as we prepare for take-off, please turn off all electronic devices." she said with a sweet smile.
Dipper and Mabel turned off their IPods. "Why?" Stan suddenly asked. Dipper and Mabel looked at him, both a little surprised he spoke up.
Josie seemed a little fazed too. "What's that?"
"Why do we have to turn off our electronic devices?"
Josie smiled again in understanding. "Because they can interfere with the plane's navigation."
"Oh, ok."
"So, anyway-"
"How?" Grunkle Stan spoke up again.
Josie's confused expression returned. "What's that?"
"How do they
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According to You
Wendy sat on the roof of the Mystery Shack, waiting for Dipper and Mabel to arrive for another summer. Their parents had taken them back for the school year. Although they had to leave, they promised they would return the next summer. With the right amount of begging, their parents had agreed to it. They had been shocked, but happy the kids had wanted to go back. Since that was a whole year ago, Wendy was now sixteen, and they were now thirteen. Now they truly were technically teens.
Wendy got up and walked to the bucket containing the pinecones that she occasionally threw. Her mind flashed back to last summer where she had shown the roof to Dipper and Mabel. They had thrown some pinecones and Dipper had accidently hit the roof of a car, making the alarm go off. He had seemed embarrassed, but it was ok with Wendy and she gave him a high five. She smiled at the memory.
She grabbed a single pinecone. "And a one, and a two and a-" she said, quoting Dipper and threw the pinecone. It hit th
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The REAL Truth
Kitty had kept a mask on all day… no, not that kind of mask, a mask to hide her feelings. She acted that there was nothing wrong and had fun with the dream destroyer with the others but she was secretly trying not to cry. The second the day was finally over, Kitty sprinted out to the TUFF mobile, drove home and entered her apartment.
She closed the door, locked it, fell on the couch, grabbed a pillow and screamed into it at the top of her lungs. She took it off of her face and began to cry.
"HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN SO STUPID?" she screamed. Now you're probably wondering why Kitty is so upset. Well, if you've seen the episode Dog Tired, you would recall that when she, Keswick and the Chief were trying to give Dudley nightmares to make him wake up, one of them was that he was marrying her. Long story short, Dudley hated that dream. This was bad because… Kitty had fallen in love with him.
Kitty couldn't believe she had fallen for him. She kept trying to convince herself that fee
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Stay With Me
It was a rather slow day at TUFF, but this day would change two particular agent's lives. It all started at around 10… no wait, 10:01 in the morning at TUFF HQ. Some agents were working on their computers, some were working in the lab… ok just Keswick, and some agents were just hanging out due to the fact that no bad guys were striking so far.
Dudley and Kitty were recently in the snack room chatting, and Dudley had a yoyo. As the yoyo traveled up then down then back again, an announcement came on over the loud speaker:
"Agent Katswell, report to my office at once!"
Due to the fact that the announcement scared the living daylights out of Dudley and Kitty, they stopped to catch their breath. Finally they both began running to the Chief's office.
"Dudley, did the Chief sound rather nervous to you?" Kitty asked Dudley. She couldn't help but notice that the Chief sounded hesitant in his announcement.
"Slightly, I guess." Dudley said. They quickly found themselves at the
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What If
"Game over, old friend." Dipper said while trying to ignore the throbbing pain in his chest. He had come out of the fight with Rumble with a black eye, a jacked up face, an excruciating pain in his chest, and torn clothes.
He noticed that Robbie was trying to get his hood off of the tree branch. He walked over to help, but Robbie managed to get it off on his own by the time he reached him.
"What? Who- who was that guy?" Robbie asked sounding somewhat paranoid. However, paranoia quickly turned to anger. "Why is it that whenever you're around, there's always ghosts or monsters or whatever?"
Dipper really couldn't think of any reason. "I don't know man."
"That guy almost broke my neck! Do you know how mad I am right now?"
He did sound pretty mad. Dipper figured that only meant he still had to fight him. "So I guess you and I have to fight now huh? Go ahead man. Do your worst. I just want to get this over with." he said mentally bracing himself and hoping, but highly doubting that t
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What Tigress Meant
It was a night to remember in Gongmen City. Shen had finally been defeated and there was a huge party going on in the town square that included lively dancing. Master Shifu had allowed Po and the five to stay for the party since it was technically a celebration for them. Po was currently sitting at a table with the five, all of them eating noodles that they had ordered at a restaurant similar to Mr. Ping's that was right next to the town square.
At first no one said anything, until Mantis finally spoke up. "These noodles are good, but I can't say that these are better than Po's." he said. Po smiled but he didn't look up from his noodles. Something was eating at him but he didn't want to mention it. He was hoping everyone would just assume he was too hungry to speak up. However, Tigress knew better.
"Po, what's wrong?" she asked.
Po looked up. "Nothing. I'm just thinking." he replied. I'm not entirely lying, he thought.
Tigress still knew better but before she could speak up, one
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This Might Be Goodbye
What just happened in there?
My heart was pounding as I snuck towards the Security Station, but it wasn't because I was running. What was going on with me? Had I really just told Emmet not one, but two of my biggest secrets? I didn't really care as much about having revealed that I had wanted to be the Special. What I cared more about, was what I had revealed afterwards. After years of living under an assumed name… okay, more than one, I had just told Emmet my real name! Not only that, I almost held his hand! Why did try to do that? I had a boyfriend!
But… it had felt so… right.
I shook my head to clear it as I dodged the sight of a few more robots. The previous scenario flashed through my head again. Every word ran through my mind like an IPod on replay. I'm not even sure I was thinking about what I was doing when I told Emmet that my name was Lucy. What Emmet had said to me before that kept echoing in my brain like a broken record.
That night in the
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The Surprise and Doubt
Many things can change your life. Being born, meeting the love of your life, going to college, getting married, getting your dream job and too many other things to count. Something simple can change your life too, such as words. Words like 'will you marry me?' or 'it's all up to you to change the world.' There have been many things that have changed my life, getting adopted, becoming a Kung Fu master, meeting, dating and getting married to my best friend/love my life and a whole lot more. But like I said before, simple things like words can change your life, and there was one word that changed my life. However, I think I should start with this morning.
It started like a regular day, the gong rang and my friends, my love and I greeted our master. He dismissed us to breakfast that Po cooked as always while he went out to meditate. While we waited for Po to finish, Monkey and Mantis were having a serious debate over who had better fighting moves.
"Oh please Mantis! I've master over one hu
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I'll Always Protect You
The second she heard the "Arcade is closed" signal, Vanellope dashed off. She quickly looked up at the sign that showed the way to the exit. She briefly read parting is such sweet sorrow before breezing past it. The rainbow colored road flew past her like a giant conveyer belt. A smile stayed glued to her face. This was her favorite time of the day. The one time where she could forget her duties (doodies) as the president of Sugar Rush, all the stress of it would just melt away, and all because of one friend: Wreck it Ralph.
It was always a joy when she would meet up with him. The two would either head to Tapper's, venture around Sugar Rush, occasionally pull pranks on the Nicelanders or other racers, or just goof around. However, today she wanted to show him a trick she had finally perfected with her kart. As these thoughts ran through the little girl's mind, she finally reached the entrance to her destination: Game Central Station.
She was about to step through, when a blue man mater
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Let it Out
Hiro walked slowly into his room, kicking off his shoes by the stairs. There was no denying that he was one hundred percent exhausted, and not just from all of the day's chaos. He and his friends had just caught the man in the mask, who had turned out to be Professor Callaghan as well as rescued his daughter Abigail from a portal. Callaghan had been arrested by police shortly afterwards and Abigail was taken to the hospital. Hiro and the others had managed to find out that she was going to be fine after some small treatment.
He and the gang had managed to escape before the police arrived in order to avoid questioning. That was the last thing they had needed at the time. However, it was probably only a matter of time before stories would surface about how they had prevented Callaghan's plan. It wasn't every day that a man in a kabuki mask attacked an industry with an army of microbots and was stopped by a bunch of kids in colorful high tech outfits. The most they could do at the moment
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It had been good catching up with Seba and the other vampires I had known over the years. I had to say, although life with the Cirque was enjoyable, I had very much missed my old life with the clan. Every five minutes or so though, Darren would enter my mind. I could not help but wonder where Kurda had dragged him off to. I was hoping he had not shown him the Hall of Death. Just the sight had scarred me when I had first come, metaphorically of course. I could only imagine what it would do to someone as young as Darren.
I had found Harkat, and not long after, we had left the Hall of Osca Velm to find the Halls of Sport. I was not looking for game myself, I just had a good feeling in my gut that Arra- err, a friend I had not seen in a long time would be there.
As we walked, I could not help but notice that Harkat seemed much more relaxed here. If you had just met him then, you would have figured this had been his home for hundreds of years. Maybe he had been a vampire in his previous lif
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Fall Out of the Sky
I slowly opened my eyes. It was still dark out, but it looked like it was almost dawn. I wasn't sure why I had woken up so early, but I was mad that I had. I was having an amazing dream.
I had dreamt that my boyfriend, Po had proposed to me. When he did, I could actually feel my heart pound. I was truly in love with him, so there was no way I could have said no. We eventually had a wonderful wedding and the reception was fun too, but the best part had to be when Po and I were slow dancing at the reception.
He had held me so close. The music was slow and perfect. I gazed into his beautiful jade orbs and he gazed into my yellow orange eyes. The look on his face told me that he wanted to be with me forever. That was good because I wanted the same thing. It felt so right. The whole dream had felt so real.
I sank my head into my pillow and pulled the covers up to my shoulders. I wanted to keep dreaming about the same thing as long as I could. I tried to turn to my other side, but then I rea
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Avenging Tigress
Po lay awake on his bed staring at the ceiling. He was too confused, worried and upset to fall asleep. For the past three weeks, Tigress had been dating a white tiger named Bohai. Bohai had moved into the Valley of Peace not too long ago, and Tigress took an instant liking to him. This was the reason Po was upset because he loved Tigress.
However he was confused and worried because during the past two weeks, sometimes, Tigress came home from a date with Bohai looking about ready to burst into tears. She would stay in her room for the rest of the night and the next day, act like it didn't even happen. Also, Tigress no longer wore her red vest. Instead she wore a long sleeved black shirt even though it was summer. Po could tell it seemed to match her mood sometimes.
He desperately wanted to ask her what was wrong. He wanted to tell her he loved her. He wanted to hold her and hear her say the four words he was dying to hear from her.
As he lay there, he recalled the last time he tried to
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